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The Investigative Committee of Russia calls on citizens to be attentive in connection with the increased incidence of injuring of children falling out of windows

With the onset of warm weather the regions of the country see increasing number of incidents involving minor children falling out of windows. Thus, on May 18, 2021 in Saratov a 4-year-old boy leaned on a mosquito net and fell out. He was home with his mother. The woman immediately called an ambulance. The medical workers delivered the child to a medical facility. He was diagnosed with a contused wound of the left parietal region, and a closed fracture of the left clavicle with displacement. On the same day a 1.5-year-old boy fell out of window in Ulyanovsk, He died from the wounds received. On May 12, 2021 an 8-year-old child fell from a balcony on the 7th floor in Oktyabrsky district of Novosibirsk. It was established that the boy was home with his mother who went out to another room for a short time.

Unfortunately, these are not the only cases. Such incidents in the warm season are becoming more frequent in the Russian regions. Often the tragedies are caused by carelessness of parents leaving their children unattended.

The Investigative Committee of Russia draws attention to the fact that in order to prevent such accidents, it is recommended not to place pieces of furniture close to windows so that the child cannot climb onto the windowsill. It is rash and frivolous to rely on a mosquito net! It cannot support the weight of the child: the fastenings of the net break down instantly and the child, not having time to react, may fall. In order to avoid accidents, it is necessary to install special clips on the windows, which will not allow the child to open the window. Adults need to attend their children when ventilating the premises.

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for criminal liability for adults who are careless about their children. In all cases of investigation of circumstances of death and injuring of children, the investigative authorities of the Investigative Committee of Russia establish causes and conditions facilitating the incident.

21 May 2021 09:33

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