May 25 - International Missing Children's Day

The disappearance of a child is an emergency that requires a prompt response and clear coordinated action by government organizations and society. After all, the goal is to find the missing person as soon as possible, otherwise the likelihood of committing of a crime against a child increases significantly. Therefore, search activities are organized at any time and any weather conditions, and immediate response and interaction of all services under the obligatory control of the Investigative Committee of Russia makes it possible to find most of the underage children safe and sound. This is also indicated by the numbers.

In 2020 investigative departments of the Investigative Committee of Russia received 12,559 reports on 12,933 children missing. Upon results of handling the reports in 2020 99.6 percent of children were found. In 2020 the number of reports on missing children decreased by 15 percent compared to 2019.

An algorithm for actions in such an emergency was created by joint effort, making it possible to find the missing child as efficiently as possible and to establish the circumstances of his disappearance or of commission of a crime. Since the time factor is crucial, the on-scene work is organized immediately, evidence is promptly recorded, including using the latest forensic technology, the child's circle of communication is established. In most cases probes are launched to facilitate the most full search activities and establish circumstances of the incident. Thus, in 2020 the Investigative Committee of Russia was processing 558 probes into disappearance of minors. In a number of cases measures are taken to establish the full circle of authorities whose connivance and inaction led to accidents with children.

In November 2019, in order to centralize work of search for the missing children, the Investigative Committee of Russia launched a section "Attention, child missing!" on its official website containing relevant information on missing minors.

Fate of a little person often depends on us, the grown-ups. That's why each report about a missing child is a signal for immediate response for Investigative Committee officers. And the Committee will adhere to such position in future, since there is nothing worse for any parent than losing a child.

25 May 2021 07:00

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