A set of investigative actions organized at site of discovery of a mass grave of the Great Patriotic War times in Bryansk Region

Investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia in interaction with Russian search movement specialists organized work on extraction and identification of remains of the deceased at side of discovery of a mass grave of Soviet people of the Great Patriotic War times in Bryansk in terms of a probe into genocide of USSR peoples.

It was established that at the time of occupation of the region a concentration camp Dulag-142 was located at the place of investigation. Archive materials obtained from the regional directorate of the Federal Security Service of Russia show that the concentration camp was operating from 1941 to 1943. During the said period it contained over 80,000 Soviet people. Prisoners of war and civilians in the camp were destroyed by creating conditions incompatible with life. Because of the mud, cold, dampness in the barracks, children were the first to die, followed by the elderly people. The dead for a long time were not allowed to be buried, which aggravated the morbidity and mortality of other people. The prisoners were guarded by representatives of the Ukrainian Nazi battalion.

In total, over 40 thousand people died in inhuman conditions during the operation of the camp, over 18 thousand citizens with good health were selected for forced labor and taken to Nazi Germany.

The work of establishing all the circumstances of the crime and identification of the persons involved in its commission will continue, since such crimes have no statute of limitations.

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Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko