Address of Alexander Bastrykin on the International Children's Day

Childhood years are the brightest and most carefree. This is a golden time that we remember with warmth and a smile, with a feeling of deep gratitude to our parents and loved ones. Unfortunately, not everyone has a cloudless childhood ... The topic of protecting children from criminal encroachments is still acute and relevant. Violation of the rights of orphans, children with disabilities, children from disadvantaged families - all this is the daily work of the employees of the Investigative Committee. After all, children are the most unprotected citizens who are subject to the destructive influences of the outside world, suffer from negative information, from indifference and irresponsibility of adults. The motto of the Committee "No child is somebody else's" is not just words. We are trying to improve the quality of investigative work in order to promptly disclose unlawful acts against minors, we do our best to ensure the right of the injured child to rehabilitation. Let me remind you that it was the Investigative Committee that initiated changes in the procedure for procedural actions with minors in order to protect their traumatized psyche.

Employees of the Committee took patronage over children's social institutions, which consists precisely in attention and care, because it is important for every child to look into the eyes, ask what worries him, what requests and problems there are. Of course, it's not possible to replace parents for the orphans, but you can help them adapt in life, find true friends and decide on a profession. In this regard, in our educational institutions, quotas are specially allocated for the admission of children of this category, who are fully supported. And the experience has already showed that they are very responsible and hardworking both in studies and in sports. And the employees of our Cadet Corps become senior comrades for the children and, on their behalf, try to give them the correct guidelines in life, to attract them to patriotic actions in order to instill in them a sense of civic consciousness and compassion for others.

We are proud of our young heroes, many of them have been awarded the highest state awards for their brave deeds. Some of them gave their lives helping others, but we remember about them and support the families of the deceased children. 

A man is not omnipotent, but a lot depends on each of us, dear officers. Every child, despite the vicissitudes of life, believes in goodness, in the highest justice and in the fact that someone needs him in this big world. Our goal is to preserve this holy faith, give the child hope and give all young citizens great human love.


The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, General for Justice Alexander Bastrykin