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Child safety on the Internet is an adult responsibility

Today, all aspects of our life are associated with the introduction of modern information technologies: this is the ability to exchange messages from a great distance, and receive information from various sources. And children use these opportunities no less than adults, and often they know even more than their parents.
They instantly absorb everything that surrounds them, thus acquiring their own experience. Yesterday there were games with peers in the yard, broken knees, and today - children get information from the Internet, communicating virtually.
From an early age, we show them by our own example how to search for information on the Internet and “being stuck” in gadgets. At first, there are harmless cartoons and useful educational games, but in the end we ourselves do not notice how children are drawn in and practically do not "crawl out" of the virtual world, devoting every free second to checking the feed in a personal account, watching videos that are not always positive, and communication, including with strangers. Experts of our program dedicated to the topic of online child safety tell how to protect the younger generation from the influence of inappropriate content.


01 June 2021 10:06

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