On the International Children's Day, the officers of the Investigative Committee of Russia award the young heroes of the Fatherland

The solemn ceremony of awarding young heroes was held via video conferencing under the direction of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin. The event dedicated to the International Children's Day was attended by the First Deputy and Deputy Chairmen of the Investigative Committee of Russia, head of units of the Central Office of the Committee and regional investigative departments.

The Head of the Committee noted that the Investigative Committee pays a lot of attention to work with the youth. Along with fulfillment of one of the main tasks of the Investigative Committee of Russia - restoration of violated rights of the minors, their protection from criminal encroachments and prevention of crimes against children, the officers of the Investigative Committee of Russia help and support children who find themselves in a difficult life situation. Within the framework of the educational system of the Committee, fundamental foundations and values are laid for children who are at the same time provided with all necessary conditions for their education and comfort living. Alexander Bastrykin reminded that children need our participation, communication and care. Restoration of violated rights of orphans, children with disabilities, children from disadvantaged families - all this is the daily work of the employees of the Investigative Committee under the motto "No child is someone else's!" After all, children are the most unprotected citizens who are subject to the destructive influences of the outside world, suffer from negative information, from indifference and irresponsibility of adults.

"Unfortunately, we cannot avoid losses. Our young heroes are always with us, we remember them", Alexander Bastrykin underlined.

The head of the Educational Outreach Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Hero of Russia Sergey Petrov named the young heroes who showed courage, dedication and bravery, giving their lives to save the life of another person. This is Alexander Stroylov, who saved two girls drowning in a river; Andrey Pavlov, who saved his mother from the attack of a criminal; and Ksenia Kopylova, who gave her life to pull her friend out of water.

The head of the Committee expressed the relatives of the deceased children words of condolence and sympathy and noted that they can count on any help from the Investigative Committee of Russia. He thanked the parents for decent upbringing of such brave children, whose feat will always be remembered.

The Heads of Investigative Departments of the Investigative Committee of Russia over Omsk and Yaroslavl Region and Buryatia Republic on behalf of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia awarded mother of Alexander Stroylov with the medal "For Live Saving", mother of Andrey Pavlov - with the medal "Valor and Courage", mother of Ksenia Kopylova was awarded a "Valor Heart" badge. The participants of the meeting paid tribute to the deceased with a minute of silence. 

Medals "Valor and Courage" were awarded to four young residents of Saratov Region: Nikita Karpov, Konstantin Sinyakov, Kirill Chirichkin and Vadim Kovalenko, who demonstrated civic conscience. Their bravery, ingenuity and active actions made it possible to detain a criminal that attacked a 13-year-old girl.

A certificate of acknowledgement was awarded to a pupil from Stavropol Territory Ruslan Stoyanenko for saving of a drowning girl. Ruslan saw that the girl went under water, dived for her, brought her to the shore and provided first aid.

A 5th grade pupil from Nizhny Novgorod Region Alexey Loginov was awarded a medal "For good citizenship". When he saw that the roof of his house caught fire, he was not taken aback, showed courage and saved his younger brother and grandmother - a disabled person of the 1st group.

In Ivanovo Region a 6th grade pupil Ilya Larichev was awarded a certificate of acknowledgement of the Investigative Committee of Russia for saving his friend attacked by a dog on a street.

The Head of the Tatarstan Republican Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia awarded Yustina Glebova, a pupil of the 7th B class of the Gymnasium No. 175 in Kazan, a medal "Valor and courage" of the Investigative Committee of Russia, nine other pupils were awarded a Committee Medal "For good citizenship". The children had to face a terrible disaster. During classes their school was attacked by an armed young man who started shooting. During this tragedy the young heroes showed their best qualities, they didn't give in to panic and started to help the others.

After the award ceremony the head of the Committee separately addressed the pupils and parents of children affected by the tragedy of May 11, 2021 in Kazan, expressing support and suggesting them to show their civil position to help investigators sort out all circumstances of the incident. In that, he once again underlined that parents don't have to pay for school security. Investigators will establish the reasons of inadequate security in terms of investigation of the probe, along with other circumstances, causes and conditions that facilitated the incident. Procedural decisions will be made upon results of the investigation. Alexander Bastrykin also noted that the Investigative Committee of Russia is always ready to provide necessary support and help in solving of specific issues. Children and their parents thanked the head of the Committee for the attention. They noted that the well-coordinated actions of the director and teachers on that day helped to avoid a bigger number of victims.

In conclusion of the meeting Alexander Bastrykin congratulated the guests and all the awarded on the holiday, expressed the words of gratitude for noble and honest deeds, and wished the children to stay decent, dignified and brave people.