Persons accused of attacking policemen in Novosibirsk Region are proven to be involved in other offenses

Data on involvement of the two accused, Ilkin Ismailov and Ruslan Kurbanov, in committing of hooliganism and robbery on Novosibirsk in November 2020, was received in terms of investigation of the probe into the incident in Novosibirsk Region.

As it was established, the accused, together with one more person, in response to a comment made by a man about a car improperly parked on a lawn, beat the man, inflicting him a closed brain injury, a concussion, a closed fracture of the nasal bones and other injuries. Apart from that, they demanded to hand over to them all the money he had.

The Novosibirsk Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs launched a probe into these facts in February 2021; however, it was suspended due to the failure to identify the persons involved in the offense, despite availability of obvious data and technical capabilities for the prompt identification of the attackers.

After the mass media published a video from the scene of the violent resistance against police officers, the victim of the said incident recognized Kurbanov as one of his attackers.

At present the investigation has been resumed, and the probe was transferred to the Investigative Committee of Russia. Kurbanov has already been identified, a jacket that he was presumably wearing at the moment of the attack has been seized from him. It is subject to a required examination. An examination has been also arranged for a seized camera record from the Safe City system that recorded the circumstances of the attack and the car belonging to Kurbanov.

In terms of the probe legal assessment will be also given to actions of officers of interior authorities, responsible for investigation of the offense committed in last October.


Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko