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Legendary commanders

In history textbooks, books and films, they will forever remain legendary commanders. They will remain heroes of the Soviet Union who defeated Hitler's army of death, experienced and noble warriors, merciless to enemies and fair to their soldiers. But few people know what the marshals and generals of the Soviet Union were like outside the front line and outside their offices.
On the eve of the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the Legendary Commanders project is launched on the official YouTube channel of the Investigative Committee of Russia. In a series of videos, we will talk about outstanding military leaders who made a huge contribution to the victory over fascism. Today, officers of the Investigative Committee of Russia, students and cadets of departmental educational institutions are taking an example in life and in service from these legendary personalities.
Our first video will be devoted to Ivan Stepanovich Konev.
Marshal of the Soviet Union, renowned military leader, commander of a number of fronts during the Great Patriotic War. Twice Hero of the Soviet Union.
Ivan Stepanovich brilliantly organized and carried out a number of important operations, participated in the battle for Moscow, in the Battle of Kursk, the storming of Berlin, and liberation Prague. Determination in the conduct of operations made Konev famous as a master of encirclements, his closeness to the soldiers gave him the title of a soldier's marshal.

The daughter of Ivan Stepanovich, Natalia Koneva, is telling about her legendary father.


10 June 2021 15:18

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