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Russia Day address of Alexander Bastrykin

Dear colleagues, officers of the Investigative Committee and workers of educational institutions of the Committee, cadets and students, veterans of investigative bodies!

Today we celebrate a significant date - a holiday of love and respect for the Fatherland, for Russia. For all Russians, this is a day of solidarity, unity of spirit and a reminder that we are all citizens of a great power. Russia is rich in natural resources, cultural and scientific achievements in various fields, but the main wealth of the state is its multinational people with a sense of patriotism, people with a strong civic position that strengthens the unity and sovereignty of our country.

During its history of many centuries of formation and strengthening, the Russian state has experienced difficult times more than once. But our great ancestors, whose names adorn the Russian chronicles, overcame all attempts to enslave, seize and encroach on the sovereignty of our native borders, preserving the independence of our Fatherland and increasing its power. We are direct descendants of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. For us, Russia is not just a native land, but also a source of strength, rear and support at the most difficult moments. And our sacred duty is to defend the good name of the living and fallen soldiers-liberators, civilians who worked for the needs of the front, victims of the Nazis. In the name of the victorious people, we will do our utmost to ensure that not a single crime based on the ideas of racial superiority, even after many years, remains unpunished and unnoticed, and the memory of the feat of the Soviet people that managed to defeat the German fascist invaders would not be desecrated.

Today, the country's leadership is pursuing a strategic course aimed at strengthening the economy, social sphere, international status of Russia, and at increasing the level and safety of citizens' lives. The prosperity of the state depends on each of us, on our hard work and responsibility. The effective fight against crimes of various kinds and effective work of investigative bodies for protection of the rights of citizens is essential to solving key problems. Our work is an important part of work for the good of the Motherland. This holiday also reminds us about continuity of generations, because we must pass on to our descendants a strong and rich country with democratic principles, so that they preserve and increase this wealth.

Dear Russians, comrades! May every your day be filled with pride for our land! With all my heart I wish you peace, kindness, health, prosperity and firm confidence in the future!

12 June 2021 00:01

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