Alexander Bastrykin holds a video-conference reception of citizens

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia held a video-conference reception of citizens. It was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, heads of a number of units of the Central Office and heads and officers of Bryansk and Kemerovo Regional Investigative Departments and Urals Transport Investigations Department that are processing probes of interest for the head of the Committee.

Thus, council members of a residential house in Otradnoe settlement of Bryansk Region complained about embezzlement of funds at repair of the roof of the house, which was carried out improperly. As a result, the roof of the house currently does not meet fire safety requirements. The applicants explained that the repair works were carried out by StroyBryansk LLC from July to September 2019 under capital repair contract concluded by the Bryansk Regional Fund of Capital Repair of Apartment Buildings. The contractor presented to the fund an acceptance certificate for the work performed for the amount of over 2 million 282 thousand rubles. However, due to existing claims to the quality of work ignored by the contractor, the representative of the housing owners of the apartment building refused to sign the specified act. However, according to the complainant, the works were commissioned by the fund. The Company applied to the Arbitration Court of the Bryansk Region with a claim to recover the cost of the work. At the same time, an examination carried out during the trial established the presence of technical deficiencies in the implementation of repair work related, inter alia, to ensuring the fire safety of the roof. Those who applied for a personal reception, believing that there was a collusion between the employees of the fund and the contractor, asked the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia to bring to justice the contractor who carried out the repair work, as well as the officials of the fund who had accepted them. At present the regional investigators are investigating a probe into swindling activities of the StroyBryansk LLC workers (Article 159 of the Criminal Code of Russia). The circumstances are also evaluated under preliminary investigation under Part 1 of Article 201 of the Criminal Code of Russia (abuse of authority). The head of the Investigative Committee of Russia expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the regional investigation department, especially noting the lack of due attention from the head of the investigation department Maksim Lukichev to the problems of the residents of the region - the residents of the apartment building appealed to the Chairman through the media. Alexander Bastrykin put the progress of investigation of the probe under supervision of the Central Office of the Committee and instructed to finish investigation as soon as possible and pay special attention to the issue of facilitating filing of a civil complaint in order to compensate for material and moral damage and take interim measures.

The applicant from the Omsk region, in a conversation with the Chairperson, spoke about the circumstances of obtaining group 1 of disability. According to him, on October 4, 2019, as an electrician of Corporation R-Industry LLC, he performed work as part of a team on an insulating removable tower in the receiving and sorting park of the Yekaterinburg-Sortirovochnaya railway station. When eliminating the deviation of the geometry of the catenary of the insulating interface, he fell under the operating voltage and was injured by electric shock. The statement on an industrial accident, drawn up by the employer together with a representative of the Russian Railways division, on the basis of which the investigators of the Urals Transport Investigations Department decided to refuse to initiate a criminal case, was challenged by the applicant in court. The decision to refuse to initiate a criminal case was canceled only when the court sided with the applicant, and in April of the current year the investigation was initiated under Part 1 of Article 143 of the Criminal Code of Russia. The man complained about the lack of results and expressed fears that the perpetrators from among the representatives of his employer, who improperly issued the work order, and the branch of Russian Railways, which, according to the applicant, at the time of the incident had prematurely applied voltage to the facility, could avoid responsibility. After listening to a report of the acting head of the Urals Transport Investigations Department Roman Kashin, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia heavily criticized the performance of the investigative department. The claims concerned prolonged inaction, lack of initiative and indifference to what had happened to the applicant, who had almost completely lost his ability to work. The head of the Committee demanded to complete the investigation as soon as possible and requested an immediate examination to be carried out by the Forensic Expert Centre of the Investigative Committee of Russia. Alexander Bastrykin demanded the subordinates to present weekly reports on the progress of investigation. Apart from that, upon the instruction of the Chairman, the Central Office will provide forensic support for the investigation. Alexander Bastrykin ensured the man that they will discuss the results of the preliminary investigation again later during a personal reception. Moreover, upon decision of the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, an official assessment was appointed over a number of officers of the Urals Transport Investigations Department involved in the investigation.

Personal circumstances, as well as considerable remoteness from the place of connection to the video-conference call, did not allow the applicant from the Kemerovo Region to take part in the reception today. Earlier, the woman appealed to the head of the Committee for help in obtaining the payments due to her for the work performed at "Siberian concrete" LLC for the release and unloading of cement on the basis of a civil law contract. In this relation the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia listened to a report of the acting head of the Kemerovo Regional Investigative Department on the probe into non-payment of wages to a number of workers by the direction of the said organization. During investigation it was established that the enterprised employed 72 people, wage arrears to whom formed in the period from January to the end of October 2020. At the moment, the debt is over 3.6 million rubles. This year, after the death of the head of the organization, the enterprise stopped its operation, the workers continued to work in another organization. In the end of the last year the territorial investigative department launched a probe under Part 1 of Article 145.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia, however, until now the investigation hasn't been finished and the enterprise workers received only a part of payments due to them. After listening to investigators of the regional department the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia pointed out the inadmissibility of prolonging of the investigation of the criminal case, put the further investigation under supervision of the Central Office of the Committee and instructed the direction of the regional investigative department to take all measures aimed at paying off the wage arrears to all employees of the organization.