In Moscow, a woman, accused of incitement and assistance to a murder of an investigator, to stand trial

The Main Investigations Directorate over North Caucasian Federal District of the Investigative Committee of Russia has finished investigation of a probe into Olga Shvetsova. She is accused of committing an offense under Parts 4,5 of Article 33, Paragraphs G, H of Part 2 of Article 105 (incitement and assistance to a murder committed by a group of persons under preliminary conspiracy out of mercenary motives).

According to the investigation, no later than September 1, 2012 Shvetsova, who at that time held office of a prosecutor of the Iriston district of Vladikavkaz in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, persuaded the head of the criminal group Aslan Gagiev to murder her sister's former husband, Alexander Leonov, during at least one personal meeting in Moscow. Willing to help her sister to avoid legal disputes initiated by her ex-husband about the division of property acquired during the marriage and civil suits to recover over 25 million rubles from her, she gave Gagiev a photograph of the victim and gave information about his place of residence

Upon Gagiev's instruction, members of the said criminal community Arthur Djioev and Evgeny Yashkin participated in the murder of Alexander Leonov along with three other persons. On September 12, 2012, having distributed roles and carried out preliminary surveillance, they used a 9 mm pistol to kill Leonov, who at that time was a senior investigator of the Northern Transport Investigations Department of the Moscow Interregional Transport Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia, in the courtyard of the house on Krylatskie Kholmy Street in Moscow.

Sentences over Djioev and Yashkin for committing of the said offense have been issued previously. Two other accused involved in the offense have been put on a wanted list, a probe into one more accused is considered in court.

The investigation gathered enough evidence; therefore, in the near future the probe into Shvetsova with an approved indictment will be sent to the court to be tried on the merits.