Russia 24 airs a new documentary about the work of Investigative Committee officers

On the eve of the Investigative Officers Day of the Russian Federation, the Russia 24 TV channel will broadcast the premiere of a documentary about the work of the Investigative Committee officers in investigating crimes committed by the occupiers during the Great Patriotic War, entitled "No Statute of Limitations. Until the Last Name is Found...", produced by the Patriot National Film Fund Ltd. with the assistance of the Russian Investigative Committee.

The Committee takes a principled approach to the inevitability of punishment for Nazi crimes against humanity committed during the Great Patriotic War in the occupied territories of our country. There were thousands of such settlements. Russia had neither the strength nor the resources in the post-war period to investigate all the facts of the extermination of civilians and prisoners of war by the invaders. But this does not mean that the dead people have been forgotten... Today, in the 21st century, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is investigating a number of already known facts of the destruction of civilians and prisoners of war on the territories occupied by the Nazi invaders and their accomplices in a number of Russian regions as part of a launched probe. These include the tragic events of 1942 in the village of Zhestyanaya Gorka (now in Novgorod Oblast) and the extermination of virtually all the inhabitants of the village of Kryukovo in the Baryatinsk district of Kaluga Oblast.

The film describes the painstaking work with historical documents and unique archives, the investigative work carried out at civilian burial sites, complex forensic examinations, interaction with volunteer units, relatives of the dead and even possible eyewitnesses to the chilling atrocities of the German Nazi invaders.

Watch the footage about how the investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia after more than half a century are pursuing historical justice on Russia 24 at 11:05 and 14:35 (Moscow time) on 24 July and on 25 July, the day of the investigators' professional holiday, on Russia 1 at 00.50 (Moscow time) and on Russia 24 at 4:05 and 14:05 (Moscow time).

23 July 2021 21:30

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