Celebratory address of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia A.I. Bastrykin on the Investigative Officer's Day

Dear colleagues!

Dear investigative veterans, students, cadet of educational institutions of the Investigative Committee of Russia! Dear friends!

I warmly congratulate you on your professional holiday - the Day of Officer of Investigative Bodies of the Russian Federation!

The starting point for our celebration is the date of July 25, 1713, when Peter the Great founded the Investigative Chancery of Mikhail Ivanovich Volkonsky, which became the first domestic non-departmental investigative body. On this day, all those who have found their vocation in the honorable and noble profession of an investigator, whatever department they belong to, accept congratulations. On this day we remember our comrades who gave their lives in the performance of their duty - in the fight against crime, for the sake of our children's future.

2021 was the beginning of our second decade of activity.

Over the past 10 years the Investigative Committee has undergone serious structural changes, as a result of which the staffing structure has been optimized and the number of investigators and forensic specialists has increased significantly. During this period, almost one million criminal cases were sent to the courts, almost 373,5 billion rubles were compensated to the state and the victims of the crimes, and the value of the seized property exceeded 267 billion rubles.

 It should be emphasized that after the establishment of the Forensic and Forensics Expert Centers, the quality of the investigation has significantly improved and its timing has been reduced. The Forensic Research and Development Institute actively develops and introduces into investigative practice new technologies for detecting traces of criminals, including those who commit serial crimes. 

We continue to actively develop our departmental educational institutions, improve the educational process, and instill in future investigators such qualities as fairness, honesty, the ability to make independent decisions and, of course, humanity, a sincere desire to help those who are in trouble. As a priority, we organized the admission of orphans and children left without parental care to educational organizations of the Committee. 

I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, members of the Public Council of the Investigation Committee, scientific and advisory bodies, the Council of Heroes and the association of veterans of the investigation, who help the agency in solving its tasks! Many veterans are still with us today, helping their younger comrades in word and deed!

Dear colleagues!

Today, the Investigative Committee is a powerful team of like-minded people, facing large-scale state tasks. This September the next parliamentary elections will take place, and it is our direct responsibility to ensure compliance with the rule of law during their preparation and conduct.

Of course, we still have a lot of unresolved problems, as evidenced by the appeals we receive. People face injustice, indifference, but I am sure that thanks to the professionalism and hard work of investigators, experts and forensic specialists we will be able to overcome all difficulties.

For people, the investigator has always embodied the law and justice, because it depends on him to expose dangerous criminals, protect and restore the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. We can earn trust only with the highest professionalism, responsible attitude to business, adherence to principle, attention and responsiveness to the problems of each citizen who turns to us for help. This is especially important at a time when crime is sometimes becoming more violent, often manifesting itself in extreme forms of violence and terror. Today, society places high demands on us, and it is important to maintain and strengthen the trust placed in us through fruitful activity.

I wish all of you, who have devoted your lives to the fight against crime, further professional success, good health and happiness!


Happy Holiday, comrades!

25 July 2021 00:02

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