Investigation of a probe into spreading of false information concerning development of a vaccine for the coronavirus completed

The Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia completed an investigation into the criminal case against Anton Myslivets, a resident of St. Petersburg and owner of the "Kramola" channel. He is accused of committing a crime under Article 207.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia (public dissemination under the guise of reliable reports of knowingly false information about circumstances that constitute a threat to the life and safety of citizens, and about measures taken to ensure the safety of the population and territories, methods and means of protection against the said circumstances).

According to investigators, in April 2020 the accused posted a video for public viewing on the "Kramola" channel in social networks, which knowingly communicated false information about the development and use in Russia of a vaccine for a new coronavirus infection COVID-19, the application of which to humans would be fatal.

The conclusions of the investigation about the inaccuracy of the data published by Myslivets are based on a body of evidence, including documents received from the healthcare authorities. It follows from them that at the time the accused had published the above materials in his channel, the development of vaccines had only just begun and no clinical trials had yet been conducted. At the same time, the investigation was provided with detailed results of clinical trials obtained subsequently, which confirmed that the vaccines developed in Russia were not dangerous to human health.

The defendant fully admitted guilt, explaining that he spread false information in order to increase the number of views of the content posted, pursuing commercial goals.

The investigation has collected a sufficient evidentiary basis, therefore the criminal case was sent for a decision on the approval of the indictment.