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On 28 August, military medical professionals celebrate their professional holiday. The history of the holiday dates back to the era of Emperor Alexander I, who established a central military authority responsible for the health of soldiers in the Russian army in 1805. Military doctors have consistently demonstrated excellence, dedication and willingness to help.
During the Great Patriotic War they did more than just rescue wounded Red Army fighters. Many soldiers, after being treated, returned to the ranks to continue fighting the Nazis.
Military medics contributed no less to the Great Victory than did the officers and soldiers of the Red Army. Without the hard work and care of the nurses, without the courage and bravery of the nurses, without the professionalism of the doctors, this victory might not have been possible.
An extensive network of base hospitals was formed across the vast territory of the USSR during the Great Patriotic War. For example, in Kazakhstan alone there were 155 facilities for the treatment of soldiers. Assistance to the wounded was provided in the Georgian and Armenian SSR. More than 400,000 people passed through the hospitals of the Azerbaijan SSR. Despite their different nationalities and cultures, the peoples of the vast country were more united than ever before. One common enemy, one misfortune, and one victory for all. In the "Patience, Soldier!" movie we tell the story of those who forged this Victory, standing at the surgical table, caring for wounded soldiers, risking their own lives, carrying bloodied fighters from the battlefield.

28 August 2021 09:00

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