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Probes launched into injuring of civilians as a result of targeted shelling

The Investigative Committee of Russia continues to establish new facts of the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare against residents of certain regions of Donbass.

Thus, according to the investigation, on August 28, 2021, Ukrainian servicemen launched a targeted artillery shelling of civilian infrastructure located in the Tsentralno-Gorlivka district of Horlivka. A 10-year-old boy and an 8-year-old boy were injured in the yard of a house. In addition, on August 29, a 59-year-old civilian was wounded as a result of targeted artillery fire by Ukrainian servicemen on civilian infrastructure located in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk.

Targeted artillery attacks of Ukrainian servicemen against civilian infrastructure without any military facilities is aimed at killing or causing grievous bodily harm to an unlimited number of civilians living in southeastern Ukraine and not participating in the armed conflict. Ukrainian security forces violate the provisions of the Convention on the Protection of Civilian Population in Time of War and Additional Protocol II to it.

Based on said evidence, the probes were launched into an offence under Part 1 of Article 356 of the Criminal Code of Russia (use in a military conflict of means and methods of warfare, banned by an international treaty of the Russian Federation).

Such offenses are not subject to any statutory limitations, and the evidence collected by the Investigative Committee of Russia will provide a matter for trials stood by persons, who are giving and fulfilling the offensive orders.

31 August 2021 09:33

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