Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia orders to report about a number of incidents in Altai Krai and Kaliningrad Region

Chairman of Investigative Committee of Russia instructed I.V. Kolesnichenko, the first deputy head of Altai Territorial Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia to report on progress of investigation of a probe into mass media materials on obstruction of legal activity of a journalist. A federal TV channel aired a story about a Barnaul resident seeking compensation from a private Barnaul dental clinic for medical treatment that harmed her health. One of the clinic's employees reacted violently against a representative of a television company, restricting his ability to film in order to prevent it being disseminated in the media. The Altai Territorial Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia launched a probe into this matter under Part 3 of Article 144 of the Criminal Code (obstruction of legitimate professional activities of a journalist, coupled with violence against journalists).  In addition, material was registered for a procedural review of evidence of an offence under Part 2 of Article 118 of the Criminal Code (causing severe harm to health through the improper performance of professional duties) in connection with the improper provision of medical assistance to a patient at a dental clinic.  The progress of investigation and the inspection is under the supervision of the Central Office of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

The head of the Committee instructed D.A. Bocharov, the head of the Kaliningrad Regional Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee, to report on the progress of the procedural check of media information on the failure to provide housing to an orphan and her disabled child.  The day before, one of the regional Internet portals published a story about a 25-year-old orphan girl who had not been given the housing or a certificate for its purchase that was required by law.   She is raising a disabled child and is unable to place the child in a kindergarten.

04 September 2021 21:45

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