Investigation of a probe into sales of products failing to meet safety requirements to Moscow children's institutions by a private organization completed

The Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia finished investigation of a probe into ChaplyginMoloko LLC Director General Konstantin Fetisov and head of the laboratory of the said enterprise Nina Tatarinova. They are accused of committing an offense under Paragraphs A, B, C of Part 2 of Article 238 of the Criminal Code of Russia (production, storage, transportation for sale and sale of products that do not meet the safety requirements for life and health of consumers, with the use of official documents certifying compliance with safety requirements, committed by a group of persons under preliminary conspiracy, in regard to goods intended for children under the age of six years, resulting in infliction by negligence serious health harm).

The incident caused a wide public response in connection with the mass poisoning of kindergarten children in Moscow in December 2018 with dairy products made in conditions that do not meet sanitary standards.

The investigation established that Fetisov and Tatarinova organized the production of cottage cheese in unsanitary conditions, after which they sold it to preschool institutions in Moscow for use as food for children under the age of six. As a result of the consumption of these products 122 children and seven kindergarten employees suffered intestinal diseases, including causing serious harm to health.

During the investigation all persons who possessed information about conditions of production and its quality were interrogated, more than 150 medical, sanitary-and-epidemiologic forensic examinations were carried out, which established the involvement of the head of enterprise Fetisov and head of laboratory Tatarinova in committing of this crime.

The investigators collected enough evidence for the criminal case to be transferred for approval of an indictment and subsequent referral to court.