In Kemerovo Region, charges pressed against a man that killed two girls in Kiselevsk

The Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Kemerovo Region - Kuzbass pressed charges against a 41-year-old Myski resident under Paragraphs A, C, J of Article 105 (murder of two minors committed in order to conceal another offense), 2 episodes of Part 5 of Article 131 (rape of a minor under age of 14, committed by a person previously sentenced for an offense against sexual integrity of a minor), 2 episodes of Part 5 of Article 132 of the Criminal Code of Russia (violent sexual actions against a person under age of 14, committed by a person previously sentenced for an offense against sexual integrity of a minor).

According to investigators, in the afternoon on September 6 this year, two 10-year-old girls, returning home from school, noticed a man with sunflower seeds in his hands at a public transport stop. They asked for them to feed a pigeon. The defendant, who was intoxicated, offered the schoolgirls to buy sweets for them at the store and food for the bird, and the girls went with him. After buying alcohol for himself and the promised goods for the girls, the man persuaded the girls to visit him. In the abandoned building where the man temporary lived, the accused, after drinking alcohol, committed violent sexual offenses against the girls. To keep the victims from telling anyone what had happened, the man strangled the girls, threw mattresses over their bodies, and left for work. Parents of one of the girls worried about her non-returning from school contacted the law enforcement bodies. Thanks to the competent work of investigators and police officers in the shortest possible time the suspect was identified and detained.

The perpetrator made a confession about where the bodies of the children were hidden. The forensic examinations will establish the exact cause of death of the victims, presence of bodily injuries and their nature. The accused will be subjected to a complex psychological and psychiatric examination. Also, the preliminary investigation will analyse the causes and conditions that facilitated committing of the severe offense against children. The conditions under which the victims were raised are being investigated, and the actions of their parents will be legally assessed.

To remind, the defendant was serving a sentence in prison until 2019 and was under administrative supervision after his release. At present, a criminal case is being investigated on the fact of negligence of officials of the territorial body of internal affairs exercising administrative supervision over persons released from prison (Article 293 of the Criminal Code of Russia).

The defendant is cooperating with the investigation and admits guilt. The court ruled to place him into custody. 

At present, investigative actions are being conducted to determine all the circumstances of the committed offense. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

09 September 2021 09:39

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