Sentence imposed over the criminal case of an accident on the highway M-9 "Baltia", which resulted in the death of servicemen

The evidence gathered by the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia was found by court to be sufficient to sentence Ivan Gavrikov. He was found guilty of committing an offense under Part 5 of Article 264 of the Criminal Code of Russia (violation of traffic safety rules entailing by negligence death of two or more persons).

The investigation and the court established that on January 11, 2021 Gavrikov, driving a truck, violated the rules of the road and on the 28th km of the highway M-9 "Baltia" collided with 4 military buses with 100 military personnel in them. As a result of a traffic accident 4 servicemen died on the spot, 6 servicemen were seriously injured.

Under the probe, the investigators carried out the necessary examinations, obtained witness testimonies, analyzed physical evidence, information on previous violations of traffic rules by the accused, and other data. The investigation disproved the versions put forward by the defense and established the circumstances of the accident, indicating that the accident was caused by a violation of traffic rules by Gavrikov.

The court sentenced him to 5 years of imprisonment in a settlement colony.