In Transbaikal Territory, investigators and police officers detained five persons on charges of particularly grave offenses committed in early 2000

The Transbaikal Territorial Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia is investigating criminal cases against four residents of Transbaikal Territory and one resident of Kemerovo on the grounds of crimes under Paragraph C of Part 4 of Article 162 (robbery, committed with inflicting serious harm to the health of the victim), and Paragraph A of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code (murder of two or more people).

According to investigators, the accused, who were members of an organized criminal group, between 2001 and 2007 committed at least 12 crimes in several areas of Transbaikal area, including murders of seven people and five robberies. The murder victims were members of other criminal groups, the robberies were committed against businessmen, from whom they stole valuable items: weapons, jewelry, money.

These crimes were identified during the joint painstaking work of the investigators of the first department for the investigation of particularly important cases of the regional department of Investigation of the Investigative Committee and operatives of the 6th department of criminal investigation of the regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All of the accused have been detained. The will be placed into custody in the nearest future. Their testimony is verified at the scene of the crimes. Crime traces, items, samples of substances significant for the investigation are being seized.

Investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia conduct systematic work to identify persons involved in the commission of crimes of previous years, to ensure the principle of inevitability of punishment.

Investigative actions are being carried out in order to establish all the circumstances of the committed offenses. The criminal investigation is ongoing.