Another person involved in murder of Russian servicemen in Syria in 2015 identified

The Investigative Committee of Russia continues the investigation of the criminal case on the murder in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic on November 24, 2015 by members of illegal armed formations of the pilot of the Russian Su-24M bomber Oleg Peshkov and the marine Alexander Pozynich, the attempted murder of the navigator of the Su-24M Konstantin Murakhtin , as well as the commission of a number of other crimes.

Previously, basing on the collected evidence, 14 participants of illegal armed formations were charged with committing the above mentioned criminal encroachments and put on the international wanted list.

The resident of the Syrian Arab Republic Ramadan Adi ibn Adnan was identified during the investigative actions and search activities. In a photo posted in the public domain on the Internet, he poses with a weapon next to the body of the deceased Oleg Peshkov.

The evidence collected during preliminary investigation proved involvement of the said persons in the alleged offenses. In this regard, a resolution was issued to bring him into custody as a person accused of murder and attempted murder, desecration of the body of a deceased as part of an illegal armed group.

 Ramadan Adi ibn Adnan was put on the international wanted list. At a request of the investigation, the accused was subjected to preventive detention in absentia.

The necessary investigative and search actions aimed to establish and expose the remaining accomplices of the criminal encroachment on the lives of the Russian military officers are being carried out. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

23 September 2021 11:27

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