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In Samara Region, a company director accused of tax evasion and legalization of funds acquired in an illegal way, to stand trial

The Samara Regional Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia has finished a probe into the Director of a limited liability company. He is accused of committing offenses under Paragraph B of Part 2 of Article 199 (evasion from payment of taxes, fees payable by the organization, and (or) insurance premiums payable by the organization - payer of insurance premiums, committed on a particularly large scale), Part of 4 Article 174.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia (legalization (laundering) of funds or other property acquired by a person as a result of committing a crime, committed on a particularly large scale).

According to the investigation, between July 2017 and January 2018, the accused committed evasion of value added tax by including knowingly false information in the tax returns, expressed in the intentional understatement of the taxable base for value added tax, by entering into fictitious contracts of work. As a result of the unlawful actions of the accused, tax payments totaling more than 60 million rubles were not transferred to the budget of the Russian Federation. 

In addition, between July 2017 and December 2018, the defendant mixed these funds with other monies lawfully deposited into the organization's checking accounts, giving them the appearance of lawful possession, use, and disposition.  By this, the man legalized more than 60 million rubles of money obtained in an illegal manner. These funds were used in transactions for invoices issued for work actually performed and services rendered, as well as for employee salaries and other payments necessary to support the ongoing business activities of the organization he heads.

At present the investigation has gathered enough evidence; therefore, the probe with the approved indictment will be sent to the court to be tried on the merits.

20 July 2021 15:46

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