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In the Orenburg region, within the framework of a criminal case on fatal poisoning, persons who were engaged in the production and sale of dangerous products were identified and detained

The Orenburg Regional Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia continues investigation of a probe into lethal poisoning of residents of the Orenburg Region.

To date, the Orenburg Regional Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia initiated five criminal cases on charges of crimes under Part 3 of Article 238 (production and sale of goods not meeting safety requirements, resulting in the death of more than two people), Paragraph A of Part 6 of Article 171.1 (production, purchase, storage, transportation for sale or sale of unmarked alcoholic beverages subject to mandatory marking excise stamps or federal special stamps, committed by a group of persons on a large scale, Part 1 of Article 171.3 of the Criminal Code of Russia (Illegal manufacturing and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products, committed on a large scale). These criminal cases were united in one proceeding.

At the moment of publication of information 11 victims died: 4 residents of Yasnensky City District aged from 39 to 70 and 7 residents of Dombarovsky District aged from 36 to 72.

As a result of complex investigative and search operations, performed within the investigation, involvement of 29-years-old Orsk resident in the crime was established. He organized illegal manufacturing and large-scale sale of dangerous alcohol-containing products. This citizen was detained by the investigators in accordance with Article 91 of the Criminal Procedural Code. In addition, the 60-year-old resident of Akzharskoe village of Yasnenskoe urban district and 47-year-old resident of Krasnochabanskoe village of Dombarovsk district of the Orenburg region, who carried out the sale of alcohol-containing products to the victims, were detained. The investigation motioned the court to place the detainees in custody.

Investigators in cooperation with operative police officers found the place where the supplies of the said dangerous products were sold, on the territory of trade and purchase base in Orsk, Vokzalnoe Shosse Street. During the search of the warehouse seized alcohol-containing products in glass and plastic bottles of 0.5 liter of various names in the amount of 1279 pieces, not marked as required by Russian law. Also in Orsk a production, bottling and storage facility was found and more than 3 thousand empty plastic bottles and equipment for production, storage, bottling and subsequent packaging of alcohol-containing products in large quantities were seized. Numerous searches and examinations of the places of incident were conducted during which, including at the places of residence of the victims, the samples of the purchased alcohol-containing products were confiscated, and the necessary examinations were carried out. The criminal investigation continues. 

08 October 2021 07:30

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