Condolences on the death of Vladimir Ivanovich Markin

Our colleague, the first head of the department for interaction with the media of the Investigative Committee of Russia, a member of the Public Council at the Investigative Committee of Russia, Major General of Justice Vladimir Ivanovich Markin, has passed away. This is a great loss for all of us. Vladimir Ivanovich was a bright, charismatic, never indifferent person, a true professional in his field. As a high-class journalist, Vladimir Ivanovich successfully applied all his rich experience as an official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia. A man with a clear civil position, he always responded in a timely manner to calls and attempts to discredit the investigation, including those coming from abroad. With the direct participation of Vladimir Ivanovich, the image of a modern Russian investigator is now firmly associated among people with an independent, honest and principled officer, and the work of the Committee - with transparency and objectivity.

Thanks to his extraordinary solutions, competent approach and progressive views, the Investigative Committee managed to build constructive interaction with the media in accordance with the principles of transparency. This was a new trend in the work of the department, which made it possible to strengthen the confidence of citizens and destroy the existing stereotypes about the information isolation of state bodies.

We express our deep, sincere condolences to the family and friends of Vladimir Ivanovich in connection with this heavy, irreplaceable loss...