The Investigative Committee of Russia presents the third volume of book "The Crime of the Century. Investigative materials"

The third volume of the book of the Investigative Committee of Russia about the murder of the royal family. This three-volume edition is a complete collection of materials from the investigation and historical documents related to the death of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, his family and their entourage.

The book has aroused increased public interest and positive feedback, for it is the most accurate and complete source of information that has been put together literally piece by piece. The final part of the book is also filled with interesting facts, archives and documents.  It provides answers to the questions posed at the beginning of the narrative, relying on purely scientific research, the results of expert examinations, photographs and audio recordings.

Thanks to the painstaking work carried out, modern high technologies, the investigation did not have any doubts about the version of the death of the royal family and the ownership of the remains. The results of the investigation of this crime are internationally recognized.

The publication will be an essential help to all who are interested in establishing the truth and authenticity of the tragic events of the past, because it is a joint effort of investigators, criminalists, scientists, historians and archivists, representatives of civil society and all non-indifferent people.

All volumes of the edition are available here

18 October 2021 11:56

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