The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia congratulated forensic specialists on their professional holiday

Dear colleagues! Forensic investigators and veterans of investigation!

67 years ago the position of forensic prosecutor was established, marking a new era of investigative activity, where the search for traces of crime took a special place. Despite its fairly solid history, it was within the Investigative Committee that a significant rise in Russian forensic science took place. On the initiative of those who stood at the origins of the founding of the Main Forensics Department, the status of the forensic investigator was enshrined in the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation as a person authorized to conduct a preliminary investigation of a criminal case, as well as to perform certain investigative and other procedural actions without taking the criminal case to his production. This allowed us to focus on the development of the most high-tech management in the IC RF system.

It is gratifying to state that we have managed to do this quite rapidly, and we will continue to move in this direction in order to always be one step ahead of crime, which also does not stop transforming, becoming more and more sophisticated. We face new challenges every day. The most modern equipment, which is in the arsenal of our forensic specialists, helps us to be ready for them. The methods of work are constantly being updated, and the search for new ways to assist the investigation in all possible ways continues.

In 2018, the Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Science was established as part of the Forensics Center, which is engaged in the organization and implementation of work on scientific support of criminalistics, the implementation of its results in practice. With the active participation of our criminalists, the concept of an independent expert institution was implemented, and in 2020 the Forensics Expert Center of the Investigative Committee of Russia was created.

Over the past 10 years, the latest developments and advanced forensic techniques have been consistently introduced into investigative practice. As a result of their effective use, more than half a million traces were discovered and seized, contributing to the detection of over four hundred thousand crimes. This is a tangible result. Today, our forensic investigators are able to find traces and assign expert examinations to materials seized in water and underground, in snow and ash, including decades ago. They provide invaluable assistance to the investigation by identifying digital traces of criminals on the Internet.

But be that as it may, behind progress and technology there is, first and foremost, a person. Today, just as almost 70 years ago, a forensic investigator sets foot on the scene first. It's a difficult, emotionally exhausting, sometimes dangerous job. It's a creative process and a perpetual search - something that truly passionate, dedicated people can do.

Dear officers! Forensic specialists! Addressing you on the occasion of this holiday, I would like to say that we continue to do much for the consistent and dynamic development of the forensic service within the Investigative Committee of Russia. I am sure that this will allow you to fully realize your creative as well as the technical potential at your disposal. It's not enough to be professional: it's important to be keen on your profession! Only with total dedication the highest results can be achieved. Good health, undying interest in your work, understanding of your loved ones, and harmony in your families!

The special words of gratitude and kind wishes are addressed to the veterans of investigation and personally to Yury Lekanov, who celebrates his birthday on October 20. Let the forensic fraternity of the Investigative Committee of Russia, with your support, always be united as one. And not a single detail will be hidden from the sharp eye of the forensic specialist!


Chairman of the Investigative Committee 

Of the Russian Federation

General for Justice of the Russian Federation Alexander I. Bastrykin

19 October 2021 00:01

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