The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructed to report on the grounds for the refusal to extradite Telman Ismailov

The Investigative Committee of Russia continues investigation of a probe into entrepreneur Telman Ismailov. He has been charged in absentia with committing offenses under Paragraphs A, G, H of Part 2 of Article 105, Part 3 of Article 222 (murder; illegal turnover of firearms) and Paragraphs A, C of Part 2 of Article 126 of the Criminal Code of Russia (kidnapping). Based on the evidence collected in the case, Telman Ismailov was charged and placed in custody in absentia, after which the materials for the international search by Interpol were sent to the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation. Later, the whereabouts of the accused was established, and the man was detained in Montenegro. The Investigative Committee sent all the necessary materials to prepare a request for his extradition for further criminal prosecution of this person on the territory of our state.

Yesterday the media reported that Montenegro had decided to grant political asylum to Telman Ismailov, making his extradition to the Russian Federation for justice impossible.

The Investigative Committee of Russia cannot agree with the decision. According to investigation, Telman Ismailov, being the organizer of the murder of two entrepreneurs - Vladimir Savkin and Yuri Brylev, together with his brothers Rafik and Vagif Ismailov, developed a plan to commit a crime. The perpetrator of the murder was Mehman Kerimov. On May 15, 2016, on Novorizhskoe Highway, while in the car, Kerimov fired shots from a pistol at the two victims, who died of their wounds. Rafik Ismailov, in accordance with an earlier agreement with the brothers, took Kerimov from the scene of the crime, after which the accomplices helped him to escape, as well as to hide the crime weapon.

In addition, in January 2004 Telman Ismailov, acting in collusion with Zaur Mardanov, Tarkhan Eldukaev, Elyar Damirov and Vladimir Gusakov, under a fraudulent pretext ensured the arrival of pop singer Avraam Russo to the Moscow restaurant Praga, where the artist was subsequently held. The victim was escorted to Ismailov's office, located on the second floor of the restaurant, where the victim was beaten. After that, Ismailov demanded from Avraam Russo to cancel all his shows and sign an agreement with him to manage Russo's artistic activities on his terms. Having suppressed the singer's will to fight, the accused put him to the back seat of a car against his wishes and moved him to Ismailov's house in Moscow Region where they kept him for over a day, until he agreed to all Ismailov's terms.

Ismailov did not receive the punishment established by law for committing these grave crimes and continues to be wanted.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, based on information about the refusal to extradite Ismailov, instructed the international legal department in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to study in detail the grounds for the refusal to extradite, and then to report.

23 October 2021 12:52

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