On the progress of the criminal investigation into the crash of a light aircraft in Ruzsky District of Moscow Region

The Western Interregional Transport Investigations Department continues investigation of a probe into the crash of a light aircraft "Aeroprakt A-22" near the landing strip "Vatulino" initiated on the grounds of a crime under Part 3 of Article 263 of the Criminal Code (violation of safety rules and operation of air transport).

The investigation established that on October 24, 2021 a light aircraft "Aeroprakt A-22" under the control of the pilot (being the owner of the aircraft), born 1952, with a passenger on board crashed near the landing pad "Vatulino" located in the Ruzsky urban district, killing both of them on the spot.

Investigators of the Moscow Investigative Department on Air and Water Transport conducted an inspection of the crash site of the aircraft, during which its location was recorded, the scattering of the engine propeller blades was established, the altitude sensor was seized and the necessary examinations were appointed. In addition, the hangar of the "Vatulino" landing pad, where the storage of the aircraft was carried out, was examined and samples of fuel and technical documentation were seized, employees of the airfield were interrogated.

The investigation is considering a number of versions of the accident, among the priority ones - technical failure of the aircraft, piloting error and adverse weather conditions. The criminal investigation is ongoing.