The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia holds a working meeting with the leadership of the Republic of Belarus

Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation arrived in Minsk, where he will hold a number of working events with colleagues - representatives of law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Belarus.

Today there was a meeting between Alexander Bastrykin and the Acting Chairman of the Belarusian Investigative Committee Oleg Stanislavovich Shandarovich.

The event took place in a warm, friendly atmosphere in the form of a lively conversation. The parties exchanged up-to-date information on the progress of investigations and international legal assistance in specific criminal cases pending before the investigative committees of Russia and Belarus.

In particular, O. S. Shandarovich and A. I. Bastrykin discussed details of the criminal case of the murder of the former head of the bank "Smolensk" Mikhail Yakhontov and his family members by Andrei Skripkin, who committed suicide after he fled to the neighboring country, which caused a wide public outcry. In order to establish all the details of the incident, the Russian side submitted to the Belarusian colleagues a request to obtain evidence in the framework of the investigation of this criminal case.

The participants of the meeting noted the importance of investigating the crimes of genocide committed during the Great Patriotic War against the civilian population on the territory of the former republics of the Soviet Union, including Belarus. The participants of the meeting spoke positively about the improvement of forms of interaction in this direction, in particular about the intensification of work with archives.

Also the heads of departments discussed the issues of cooperation in the sphere of combating cybercrime and extremist manifestations and reached a number of agreements on mutual exchange of scientific and methodological developments on this topic. Participants of the event expressed their willingness to cooperate in terms of common interdepartmental sports activities, development of educational programs and projects for students and cadets, as well as improving work aimed at the formation of moral and ethical foundations and a sense of patriotism.

During the event, it was noted that the investigative committees of the two states are actively developing practical cooperation, implemented through a number of agreements signed between the agencies. As practice shows, the bilateral negotiation mechanism in the format of Russia - Belarus at the level of heads of investigative committees for over 10 years serves the interests of developing and strengthening mutually beneficial relations between the investigative bodies of the two countries to create conditions for safe living of citizens of the Union State.

As a result of the talks, it was stated that there was a convergence of positions on all the issues discussed. The importance of continuing the practice of regular contacts in order to further deepen cooperation between the investigative committees of the two countries in the face of unrelenting external pressure was confirmed.

Tomorrow the working trip of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia to the Republic of Belarus will be continued. It is planned to visit the State Committee of Forensic Examinations to discuss with colleagues the practice of expert examinations and improve work in this direction.



01 November 2021 18:49

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