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The investigation of the criminal case against the medical examiner accused of negligence and forgery completed

The Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia completed an investigation into the criminal case against forensic expert Alexander Pentsakov, who is charged with negligence and committing two episodes of forgery, resulting in a significant violation of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legally protected interests of society and the state (Part 1 Article 293, Part 2 Article 292 of the Criminal Code).

According to the investigation, in April-August 2020, Pentsakov improperly performed his official duties and has not held in full forensic examination of the body of the Deputy Head of the Department of Culture of Moscow found in Yalta, as a result he did not establish existing injuries, indicating the murder of the latter. In order to conceal the crime Penzakov also entered in two expert reports deliberately false information. These actions of Pentsakov resulted in a late decision to initiate a criminal case for the man's murder and delayed the investigation.

Penzakov's criminal actions were revealed as a result of the commission examination of the exhumed body of the deceased, carried out with the participation of an expert of the Judicial and Expert Center of the Investigative Committee of Russia. 

A preventive measure in the form of custody was chosen in respect of Pentsakova. The wife of the deceased declared a civil claim, in connection with which the property of the accused worth more than 1.5 million rubles was arrested. 

The investigation has gathered sufficient evidence, confirming the commission of these crimes by Alexander Pentsakov, in connection with which the criminal case was sent for transfer to court.

The criminal investigation into the murder continues.

30 November 2021 11:47

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