The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia visits a residential care facility in St Petersburg

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, during his working trip to St. Petersburg, visited Orphanage No. 1 in Peterhof, founded in 1974. The Investigative Committee has taken it under its patronage since September 2021, and representatives of the Cultural Centre of the agency interact with it on a permanent basis. The meeting was also attended by Alexander Vladimirovich Klaus, Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Maria Dmitrievna Krasnopeeva, Head of the Cultural Centre of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Oleg Nikolaevich Ergashev, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Nikolayevich Rzhanenkov, Deputy and Chairman of the Permanent Commission on Social Policy and Healthcare of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, Elena Nikolaevna Fidrikova, Interim Chairman of the Committee on Social Policy of St. Petersburg, Valery Nikolaevich Asikritov, Director of the residential home and others.

Today, the facility is a support, information and guidance centre, where children aged 4 and up with developmental difficulties are brought up and live, and where young people are rehabilitated. There are currently 302 people being served there. The building is designed to be accessible to all residents, including children with disabilities.

V.N. Asikritov briefed the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia and other guests on the infrastructure of the institution, demonstrating the facilities which contribute to the children's development, physical health and habilitation. These include several sports and exercise rooms, a swimming pool, sports and playgrounds, classrooms, relaxation and multimedia rooms, workshops and much more.

The Head of the Committee praised the functionality and equipment of the institution, and most importantly, the accessibility of all the facilities on offer for children with health difficulties. The Chairman showed interest in the educational process, the children's hobbies and the adaptation programmes for pupils and young people, underlining the importance of this area for the socialisation of the children. After describing the services provided, the management of the institution also pointed out that the orphanage has built a training flat, a social home for the most adapted adult residents. Accommodation in a training flat, supported by the institution's professionals, allows the basic task of preparing young people for independent life to be achieved.

The management also shared the creative achievements of their pupils. The sporting successes registered by the InterRecord International Agency of Records and entered in the Russian Book of Records as the "Most medals" won at the Special Olympics World Games and other championships were highlighted.

A film was screened for all participants, showing the everyday life of the boarders and the staff of the institution. The young pupils showed off their talents with a performance by the Surprise dance group and musical compositions performed by the children. All the artists were given sweet and memorable gifts.

Noting the high organization of the institution, the provision and quality work of the staff, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee awarded the departmental medal "For Purity of Mind and Noble Deeds" to V. N. Asikritov, the medals "For Assistance" to O. N. Ergashev and A. N. Rzhanenkov. He also presented the Deputy Director and a number of employees with a letter of commendation. In addition, a gift of innovative developmental equipment was handed over to the children.

The Head of the Committee congratulated the staff and pupils of the orphanage on the New Year, thanking the staff for their dedicated and necessary work and the city authorities for their support of the orphanage.