In St. Petersburg, criminal investigation into violation of requirements for maintenance and use of cultural heritage objects completed

The St. Petersburg Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia completed investigation of the criminal case against Boris Berson - one of the founders of CJSC "Adamant", accused of committing a crime under Article 243.1 of the Criminal Code (violation of requirements for preservation and use of cultural heritage sites (historical and cultural monuments) of the peoples of the Russian Federation).

According to the investigation, the house of Alexei Cherkassky (Ritter), located on Universitetskaya embankment, was recognized in 2014 as a cultural heritage object of regional significance. The defendant is the owner of all apartments and part of the non-residential premises of the house. In addition, two non-residential basement rooms are owned by the Property Relations Committee of St. Petersburg. The building had not been used or guarded for a long time, it was disconnected from all communications, and all rooms of the building were littered with garbage. Since 2016, there have been numerous fires in the house due to homeless people living there and drinking alcohol.

Employees of the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Monuments of History and Culture of St. Petersburg have repeatedly recorded facts of systematic deterioration of the site. Berson in 2019 and in 2020 was twice brought by the court to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine. According to the results of the examination, the amount of damage from his inaction amounted to more than 39 million rubles. The accused was subjected to a preventive measure in the form of the prohibition of certain actions, his property was arrested in the amount of more than 184 million rubles.

During the investigation, the defendant took measures to prevent the deterioration of the house of Alexei Cherkassky (Ritter): a separate, additional contract with the management company for the removal of garbage from the premises of the house; the sheeting of window and door openings from the facade and the yard was completed, metal bars were installed; the building facade was covered with an imitation tent; and the damaged roof was fully repaired. The building was cleared inside and the area around the building was cleaned. Current control of the condition of the facility is carried out by the defendant at his own expense.

The investigation gathered enough evidence; therefore, the criminal case was sent to the court to be tried on the merits.

Previously, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia has repeatedly heard the progress of the criminal investigation during meetings with the heads of investigative departments stationed in the Northern capital.