The final charges were brought against Ilnaz Galyaviev

The Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues the investigation of the criminal case regarding the attack of Ilnaz Galyaviev on May 11, 2021 on the students and teachers of MBOU "Gymnasium No 175" in Kazan. Based on the collected evidence in the criminal case, he was finally charged with committing crimes under Part 2 of Article 105, Part 1 of Article 223.1, Part 1 of Article 222.1, Part 2 of Article 167 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder and attempted murder of two or more persons, including minors, committed in a generally dangerous way; manufacture and storage of explosives and explosive devices; deliberate destruction and damage of someone else's property).

It was established that Galyaviev armed with a multi-shot hunting rifle, as well as with an explosive device made by him earlier, on May 11, 2021 attacked the teachers and pupils of the gymnasium. As a result of his shooting and detonation of an explosive device 9 people were killed, including 7 children. More than 600 people, including minors, were identified as victims.

According to the materials of the criminal case, the reason for the tragic events was the desire of Galyaviev to imitate the actions of informal representatives of one of the destructive subcultures, information about which he had picked up from the Internet, copying their behavior during the attack.

In accordance with the conclusion of a comprehensive psychological and psychiatric examination, Galyaviev was found sane and subject to criminal responsibility.

Galyaviev pleaded guilty in full and repented of what he had done.

In the near future the procedure of familiarization with the materials of the criminal case will begin for the victims and their legal representatives, and then for the accused and his lawyer.

Official spokesperson for the Investigative Committee of Russia S. Petrenko