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In the Tomsk Region a businessman was charged with fraud and weapons trafficking

The Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation within the investigation of fraud committed against a resident of Tomsk region, M.A. Kruts, established the involvement of local businessman Sergey Ageyev.

Earlier the woman, who for a long time could not get protection of the violated rights and justice, appealed to a personal reception to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee. By decision of Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin the investigators of the Central Office were assigned to look into all the circumstances of the incident and give a comprehensive legal assessment to it. In this case, the head of department continues to monitor the situation, and once again requested a report on the investigation and its interim results on the theft by deception of money belonging to the victim, a resident of the Tomsk Region.

As a result of thorough investigative work, it was established that between November and December 2013, Ageev stole money in the amount of 1,200,000 rubles from the Krouts family by deception, which involved the sale of a T-170 tractor (pile driver) with fake identification numbers on the frame and engine through a legal entity under his control - Severnaya Group LLC. Ageyev knew in advance that its registration on the basis of false documents was illegal and that its further operation in accordance with the current legislation was impossible.

Besides, from May till September 2021 Ageyev committed by a group of persons by prior agreement with Vitaly Rodionov and Alexander Dil the illegal acquisition, transportation, storage and carrying of firearms, their main parts and ammunition (TT pistol, barrels to it, grenades, a great number of Russian and foreign made cartridges, as well as devices for silent firing). The Russian Investigative Committee in cooperation with the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) prevented the group from engaging in illegal arms trafficking.

On the territory of the Tomsk Region, the homes of Ageyev, Rodionov, and Dil were searched.

Ageyev and his subordinates Rodionov and Dil have been detained. Depending on their roles, they were charged under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud), and Paragraph A of Part 3 of Article 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal acquisition, storage, transportation or carrying of weapons). In addition, Ageyev is being checked for involvement in other episodes of criminal activity.

The court chose a measure of restraint in the form of detention for the accused.

The criminal investigation continues.

15 December 2021 18:47

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