A member of the Basayev's and Khattab's gang who is accused of attempted murder of military servicemen in 1999 to stand trial

The Main Investigations Directorate over North Caucasian Federal District of the Investigative Committee of Russia has finished investigation of a probe into Rustam Ganiev. He is charged with committing an offence under Article 317 of the Criminal Code of Russia (encroachment on the life of an officer of military personnel).

According to the investigation, the perpetrator joined one of the gangs led by Basayev and Khattab in September 1999. On October 4, 1999, in the area of the village of Chervlennaya, Shelkovsky district of the Chechen Republic, gang members carried out an armed attack on servicemen of the military unit of the Russian Ministry of Defense. As a result, 15 servicemen were killed, 28 received injuries of varying severity.

The investigators managed to establish the circumstances of the crime and bring Ganiev to criminal responsibility in cooperation with the unit of the central apparatus of the Federal Security Service of Russia and the regional department of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Republic of Mordovia.

The investigation gathered enough evidence; therefore, the criminal case against Ganiev was sent to the court to be tried on the merits.

It should be noted that to date 27 members of the Basayev's and Khattab's gang have been sentenced to long terms of imprisonment under this episode alone, connected with the attack in the village of Chervlennaya. The Investigative Committee in collaboration with operational services continues to carry out operational and search activities and take investigative and other procedural measures aimed to identify all gang members involved in the attack. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

16 December 2021 11:46

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