The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia requests a report on circumstances of encroachment on a life of a police officer in Amur Region

On December 16, 2021 in an apartment building in Blagoveshchensk, a 44-year-old man, being in a state of intoxication, was violating public order. Police officers arrived on the scene at the call of the tenants. The suspect with a cold weapon in his hands moved towards the police, expressing a clear threat to their life and health. One of the officers drew a service weapon and warned of its use in case of insubordination to stop the disorderly conduct. The man ignored these demands. The policeman then fired several shots at the legs of the attacker. The suspect was detained after receiving necessary medical treatment.  With regard to the 44-year-old man criminal case was opened under Article 317 of the Criminal Code (encroachment on life of law enforcement officers). The investigator prepared a petition for a preventive measure in the form of custody. During the collection of characterization material it was found that the man had previously been prosecuted for inflicting severe damage to health and drug trafficking.

The Chairman of Investigative Committee of Russia instructed the head of the Amur Regional Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia Belyansky S.Y. to report on the conducted investigative actions.

The progress of the investigation is under supervision of the Central Office of the Investigative Committee.