The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia requests a report on the inspection into violation of children's rights in the Moscow Region

The day before, a federal TV channel reported that a resident of Serpukhov, Moscow Region, complained about the guardianship authorities refusing to give to her custody her five nieces aged from two to 14. The girls' mother died, and the sisters were separated and placed in foster care, despite the fact that both their aunt and grandparents were willing to raise them. In addition, the children have a two-room apartment in Serpukhov, which they inherited, but the lock on the apartment has been changed by temporary guardians. Now, according to journalists, the guardianship authorities, in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the girls are working on the issue of their placement in a substitute family.

The Chairman of Investigative Committee of Russia charged A. Starikov, the head of the Moscow Regional Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia to report on the progress of the inspection organized into the fact of violation of children's rights. The progress and results of the investigation are under supervision in the Central Office of the Investigative Committee.