The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia put the investigation into the murder of a family in Krasnoyarsk Territory under supervision

On December 27, 2021 in an apartment of one of the houses in the city of Kansk of Krasnoyarsk region the bodies of a 38-year-old man, his 35-year-old wife and their 11-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter were found. The Krasnoyarsk Regional Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia initiated criminal proceedings for the crime under paragraphs A, C of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code (murder of two or more persons).

The investigation established that on December 26, 2021 the man came to the apartment at the place of residence of his wife to visit their children. There was a divorce process between the spouses, the man and the woman did not live together. The next morning the bodies of all family members were found by the mother of the deceased woman. The investigation is considering several versions of what happened, including the possibility of killing the woman and children by the head of the family, after which the man took his own life. A number of forensic examinations have been scheduled, possible eyewitnesses and witnesses to the crime are being established.

Chairman of Investigative Committee of Russia instructed acting head of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for Krasnoyarsk Region and Republic of Khakassia A. Zyubanov to establish all causes and conditions of the incident and report on the complex of investigative actions performed in the criminal case.

The progress of the investigation is under control of the Central Office of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

27 December 2021 14:01

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