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The investigation is appealing the decision of the deputy prosecutor of St. Petersburg on the return of the criminal case for further investigation

The Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia completed the investigation of the criminal case against three residents of St. Petersburg, accused, depending on the role of each, of committing the crimes under Paragraph A of Part 3 of 131, Paragraph A, Part 3, Article 132 of the Criminal Code of Russia (rape and violent acts of a sexual nature against a minor by taking advantage of her state of helplessness).

The investigation collected a sufficient amount of evidence and the criminal case was sent to the St. Petersburg City Prosecutor's Office for subsequent submission to court for consideration on the merits. However, the supervisory authority decided that additional investigative actions were necessary. The criminal case was returned to the investigating authorities.

During meticulous work the investigation established that on the night of February 22, 2021 in St. Petersburg three young men were in the company of the 16-year-old victim at her place of residence. The girl was intentionally put by them in a state of severe intoxication. Losing the ability to resist and being in a helpless state, the victim was subjected to rape as well as other acts of a sexual nature by these individuals.

More than 50 forensic examinations, including molecular-genetic and forensic-psychiatric ones, were conducted on the criminal case. The victim's helpless state was evaluated by a specialist in the field of psychiatry and drug addiction together with other evidence. At the initiative of the investigation, psychological rehabilitation of the victim was carried out in order to remove the painful emotional background, bring her out of the post-traumatic stress and adaptation.

In these circumstances the investigation believes that the collected evidence obviously indicates the existence of the incriminating event and corpus delicti and that there are no obstacles for the criminal case to be considered by the court. The Central Office of the Investigative Committee of Russia will study in detail the position of the deputy prosecutor of St. Petersburg, after which measures will be taken to appeal this decision, up to and including the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia.

27 December 2021 16:51

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