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Three members of an organized criminal group are charged with large-scale fraud

The Moscow Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia are investigating a criminal case on the grounds of a crime stipulated by Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud committed by an organized group on a particularly large scale).

According to investigators, the general directors of JSC "Legal Social Security" and LLC "Legal Center" Garantia ", as well as individuals from among the representatives of commercial organizations, created an organized criminal group. The above persons had a criminal intent to steal money by deception from an unlimited number of persons who were relatives of those who died as a result of accidents at the infrastructure facilities of JSC "Russian Railways".

Members of the group had information about insurance events involving rolling stock of JSC "Russian Railways". On behalf of the misled victims, who were relatives of the victims, they organized the submission of statements of claim, powers of attorney, contracts for the provision of legal services and other documents to the judicial authorities, on the basis of which they received court decisions on compensation for property damage in favor of the victims. After that, based on the results of the initiated enforcement proceedings, on the basis of the above-mentioned court decisions they received money from the JSC "Russian Railways" settlement account to the victims' settlement accounts, to which the persons involved had access. Subsequently, they disposed of the money at their own discretion.

Between January 2011 and December 2020 the defendants deceived more than 150 victims and stole more than 70 million rubles.

The criminal activities of the defendants were detected and suppressed in the course of joint work of the investigators of the Moscow Investigative Committee and officers of the Department of the Economic Security and Countering Corruption of the Department of Internal Affairs in Southwestern Administrative District, Main Department of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Moscow. Three men were detained on suspicion of committing a crime, searches were carried out at their place of residence during which items, electronic devices and documents of interest to the investigation were seized.

Currently, the necessary investigative actions have been conducted with the defendants, they have been charged and a preventive measure in the form of house arrest has been chosen. Operational-investigative measures aimed at establishing other persons involved in the commission of the crime are being carried out. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

30 December 2021 12:00

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