On the eve of the New Year employees of the Investigative Committee moved into new service apartments

This year, Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, assigned the task of providing housing to needy employees of the central office. The results of the work carried out made it possible to make significant progress towards this goal.

By the end of 2021, 84 apartments for employees in need of better housing conditions have been purchased and handed over to the operational management of the Investigative Committee. On the eve of New Year's holidays employees of Investigative Committee of Russia received the long-awaited keys to the departmental housing.

For example, Igor Yuryev, an inspector of the Logistics and Social Security Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia, recently became a happy father and plans to move into a service apartment in the Nekrasovka district of Moscow in the near future. 

Maria Chernova, Senior Inspector of the Information Center of Investigative Committee of Russia, who had long rented a rented apartment, is happy to decorate a Christmas tree with her daughters in the newly purchased housing.

Olga Shamanskaya, an inspector in the department of logistics and social support of the Investigative Committee of Russia, who moved to Moscow from Krasnoyarsk and learned all the difficulties of adaptation in the capital in the absence of his own home, has also begun cooking holiday meals with her daughters in the new kitchen.

For many employees the commute from work will now be more pleasant, and the coming year will be filled with pleasant worries about home furnishings.

Measures for improvement of social and living conditions of employees of the Investigative Committee in the coming year 2022 will continue, since the living conditions directly affect the effectiveness of work, as repeatedly emphasized the head of the agency. He has previously drawn the attention of his subordinates to the inadmissibility of delaying decisions related to the acquisition and provision of housing for employees, especially after the allocation of the necessary budgetary funds for this purpose.