Russian Investigative Committee Chairman to Receive Report on Violation of Rights of Perm Krai Citizens Living in Dilapidated Housing

According to the federal channel’s information broadcast, residents of several houses along the Nagornaya Street in the town of Aleksandrovsk, Perm Krai, live in dilapidated housing: during rain, it is possible to cross the stairwell only under an umbrella, the ceiling collapses so often that people fear for their lives every day, while the district authorities refrain from any actions. The investigative authorities of the Investigative Directorate of the IC of Russia for Perm Krai have organized an investigation into the announced facts.

The Investigative Committee chairman ordered Acting Head of the Investigative Directorate for Perm Krai D.S. Anashchenko to submit a report on the situation.

25 January 2022 18:51

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