Investigative Committee of Russia Prepares a Documentary on History of Siege of Leningrad

January 27 is the Day of Military Glory of Russia – on this day, Leningrad was completely liberated from the Nazi siege (in 1944). The heroic defense of the city on the Neva lasted for almost 900 days. The enemy failed to conquer the Northern Capital and break its residents’ spirit. But the fortitude and courage had its toll… This pain still lives in the descendants’ hearts – in us, whose ancestors became the heroes of that Victory. We strive to restore the past years’ events not for bravado, but in order to preserve our great history and prevent any distortion of the truth. The Investigative Committee of Russia has prepared a new project that contains a unique video archive, reflects the memories of besieged city residents, as well as cites the historians’ expert opinions and scientific views on the events and their consequences.

Watch the LENINGRAD. CITY THAT BECAME HERO documentary to learn how people managed to withstand the cold and hunger, why the Kirov Plant did not stop its operation, which monument is considered the most iconic in the tiny Kronstadt, how the Germans tried to destroy the Road of Life, and what hardships the people’s museum dedicated to it had to endure.

27 January 2022 00:02

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