Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Instructs to Check Information on Possible Violation of Residents’ Rights in Kipen, Leningrad Oblast

In the comments to a publication made in the IC of Russia’s official account on the Instagram social network, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee was approached by residents of the village of Kipen, Leningrad Oblast, with a complaint about the territorial authorities' inaction regarding the illegal dog shelter, which, according to the residents, is located on the territory intended for individual housing construction. The appeal informs that the residents fear for the life and health of their children, as the so-called shelter houses 40 dogs and the conditions of their handling are inadequate.

The Chairman of the IC of Russia instructed Head of the Investigative Department for Leningrad Oblast S. T. Sazin to thoroughly check all the citizens' arguments set out in the appeal and report on the performed inspection.

The inspection course will be supervised by the Central Office.

The IC of Russia always ensures timely reaction on citizens' complaints about any violations of their rights received via various ways, including via social media.