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In Sverdlovsk Oblast, Previously Convicted Local Resident Found Guilty of Several Crimes, Including Murder of Minor

The court recognized the evidence collected by the investigative authorities of the Investigative Committee of Russia for Sverdlovsk Oblast sufficient for sentencing a previously convicted 41-year-old local resident. He was found guilty of committing a number of crimes, including under Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code (murder of a minor committed to conceal another crime involving rape and sexual assault), Part 4 of Article 131 of the Criminal Code (rape), and Part 4 of Article 132 of the Criminal Code (sexual assault), as well as several others.
The investigators and the court found that on the afternoon of November 12, 2020, the defendant, being in a state of drug intoxication, met an 11-year-old girl unknown to him near a house on Chelyuskintsev Street in the town of Asbest; the girl was selling newspapers at that moment. Under the pretext of purchasing printed materials from the minor, the defendant lured the child to his home – an apartment in a house on Kalinina Street, Asbest. Being inside, the felon committed against the minor the crimes incriminated to him. Later, in the evening of the same day, in order to conceal the crimes committed against the girl, the defendant strangled the child. He disposed of the injured person's body by taking it out of the apartment and putting into a shallow grave in the bushes located near the house.
In November 2020, when the girl’s disappearance was reported to the law enforcement authorities, a complex of search measures was immediately arranged and a criminal case was initiated. To investigate the case, a reinforced investigative group was established. It included personnel from the territorial investigative department of the IC of Russia, investigators working with particularly important cases, and forensic experts from the regional IC of Russia. Personnel of the Department of Forensic Investigation Support (deployed in Yekaterinburg) of the Main Department of Forensics (Forensic Center) of the IC of Russia provided practical assistance in establishing all circumstances of the incident. In the course of investigative and operational measures, a significant amount of work was carried out to thoroughly clarify all details of the girl's disappearance. Thus, in the shortest possible time, several dozen persons, including previously convicted ones, were checked for involvement with the minor's disappearance. Video recordings from surveillance cameras along all the child's possible routes were seized and analyzed. The minor's place of residence was viewed; her relatives, acquaintances, and other persons deemed possible to have information relevant to the investigation were questioned. Active search activities were carried out by police officers in cooperation with members of the public – search team volunteers. The performed complex of measures made it possible to solve the murder of the girl “in hot pursuit,” to identify and detain the defendant, as well as to find the place where the corpse was hidden.
During the criminal case investigation, the IC investigators have performed a significant amount of work aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the committed crime, as well as collecting and consolidating the evidence base. In particular, forensic medical, psychological and psychiatric, chemical, molecular and genetic, cultural, and forensic portrait examinations were carried out as part of the case. Interrogations of witnesses, injured persons, and the defendant were performed, as well as verification of his testimony on the spot, searches, seizures, and views of place of occurrence, items and documents. Based on the results of efforts aimed at establishing the causes and conditions that contributed to the incident, submissions were filed with the prevention system authorities requiring to take specific measures to prevent such incidents in the future.
By a court verdict, the culprit was sentenced to life imprisonment in a high-security penal colony.

31 January 2022 12:42

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