The Chairman of the IC of Russia Instructs to Report on the Deprivation of Families in a Raion of Voronezhskaya Oblast of Their Housing

A federal TV channel has reported that more than a dozen families are at risk of losing their only housing in the city of Borisoglebsk, Voronezhskaya Oblast. Thirty years ago, internally displaced persons from the CIS countries were provided with liquid storage tanks as temporary housing; and now, as reported, local authorities intend to deprive them of the right to use the land. It is reported that the internally displaced persons, including pensioners and the disabled, cannot apply for subsidies for utility bills, half of their pensions and wages are spent to pay electricity bills and heating of their rusted barrels; they have been on the waiting list for improving their living conditions for 20 years.

The Chairman of the IC of Russia instructed the head of the ID of the IC of Russia for Voronezhskaya Oblast, K.E. Levit, to check the circumstances of a possible violation of the rights of citizens and file a report on the situation. The Central Office of the IC has put the execution of these instructions under control.

09 February 2022 14:07

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