Chairman of the Investigative Committee Instructs to Initiate Criminal Case on Causing Injuries to Girl and Her Mother in Yekaterinburg

The media published information stating that in Yekaterinburg, a company consisting of residents of neighboring states beat a girl and her mother. According to the girl, the conflict began on the bus: several young people started to harass her, including by molesting and using offensive expressions. Then she asked her mother to meet her at the final stop, where the company attacked them, causing numerous injuries.

The media also reported that cases of attacks by similar companies on other people also happened in this area of the city earlier. At the same time, according to local residents, law enforcement authorities failed to react adequately.  

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructed Acting Head of the Investigative Department for Sverdlovsk Oblast A. D. Nadbitov to immediately initiate a criminal case on the beating of two women, to identify the persons involved in the crime, and to request imposing a restrictive measure in the form of detention. The progress of the order execution is monitored by the Central Office of the department.

Recently, the topic of migrant crime has become increasingly acute, which causes tension in the society. This applies not only to the Moscow region, but also to other cities. Gross violations of public order, mass fights, and attacks on law enforcement officers involving migrant workers have become increasingly frequent. Illegal actions that have an increased public danger, including rape, tend to become more prevalent among them.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has organized systematic work to identify and investigate crimes committed by foreign citizens and stateless persons, including in the migration sphere. Close attention is also paid to this area in terms of crime prevention. Previously, the head of the department, A. I. Bastrykin, who joined the Interdepartmental Commission of the Security Council of the Russian Federation on Improving the State Migration Policy, noted the measures required to address this issue. In addition, a number of meetings of the Russian Security Council outlined a set of proposals, including criminal, social and economic ones, to prevent illegal migration, prevent crime among migrants, and to improve adaptation of people arriving in the country within the Russian society.

The Investigative Committee intends to continue to respond promptly to such criminal manifestations, giving them a comprehensive evaluation, and will also continue to work on drafting proposals to stabilize the situation in this area.