Chairman of the IC of Russia Instructs to Establish All Possible Criminal Actions Perpetrated by Those Who Assaulted Women in Yekaterinburg

In connection with the media reports stating that teenagers who attacked two women in Yekaterinburg were involved in several similar crimes and other illegal actions, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee instructed Head of the Investigative Department for Sverdlovsk Oblast M. V. Boginsky to identify the citizen who reported this information. In addition, the department head instructed to check all the information broadcast by the media regarding the defendants' criminal activities and, in case of sufficient grounds, to evaluate such actions from a legal stand point.

As reported earlier, within the criminal case on an attack on a woman and her daughter, two minor defendants were charged depending on their role in committing the crimes under Part 2 of Article 213 of the Criminal Code (disorderly conduct by a group of persons) and Part 1 of Article 112 of the Criminal Code (intentional infliction of moderate bodily harm). At the investigators' request, a restriction measure in the form of detention was imposed on both defendants.

The criminal case investigation progress and results are monitored by the Central Office of the IC of Russia.