Chairman of The IC of Russia Instructs to Petition Supervisory Authorities for Transfer from Police Inspection Materials Related to Minor

Today, the media reported that in St. Petersburg, a student of a private Moscow school shot a passerby in the face with a Pioner aerosol pistol.

A student of the 11th grade of a Moscow school was detained at the scene. The injured man was diagnosed with a gunshot wound to the face, an eye injury. The police is conducting a pre-investigation check following this event.

Due to the wide public response, taking into account the fact that the person involved in the inspection is a minor and in order to thoroughly establish all the circumstances of the incident, the Chairman of the IC of Russia instructed Acting Head of the Main Investigative Department of the IC of Russia for St. Petersburg M. G. Parastaeva to petition the supervisory authorities for transferring the materials on this incident from the police to the regional MID.

Also, the MID superiors were instructed to check the reported events, establish all the circumstances of the incident and report on the check progress and results. The course of the inspection is supervised by the Central Office of the department.